Machining services

INTRA Service Company carries out a complex of works on grinding of bandages and rollers of rotary kilns, mills, drums, drying cylinders of paper machines with the instrumental reconciliation and mechanical adjustment of their rotation axis. MECHANO-PROCESSING IS USED FOR: Treatment of tires and rollers of sintering furnaces, drying drums and cylinders; Processing of trunnions of mills; Weld seam reinforcement seals; Restoration of surfaces on other rotating equipment. The PROCESSING PARAMETERS: The diameter of the processing is from 100 mm to 11,000 mm; Working width up to 1 700 mm; High processing quality (up to 0.6 Ra). The ADVANTAGES: Extension of service life of equipment; Reduction of repair costs in comparison with traditional technology; Elimination of damage to the lining and hull due to vibration; Processing "in place", on the working equipment, on the minimal working space; Compensation for ovality (does not repeat defects); Reduction of wear of mechanical drives and support-thrust components of the bearing structure; Energy saving during rotation. Fill in the questionnaire to prepare a proposal for machining