INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

Oil refining and petrochemistry

One of the main lines of activity for the INTRA Service Company is the refining and petrochemical segment, in which the company offers the largest range of services to support the production infrastructure.

For oil refineries and petrochemical enterprises, the company implements the following types of technologies and services:

Maintenance of flange connections
Extraction and repair of heat exchangers
Testing of safety valves
Cutting and processing pipes
Cutting and overlapping under pressure
Sealing leaks under pressure
Composite repair
Thermal imaging diagnostics

Due to the successful implementation of the strategy for the introduction of innovative technologies for the maintenance and repair of process equipment and pipelines, the INTRA Service Company, at the initiative of the International Association of Refineries and Refineries (World Refining Association), was recognized as the best service company of the industry in 2013.

Today, INTRA Service Company is a service provider for the largest enterprises of the industry, such as: Gazprom, Lukoil, Sibur and others.