INTRA Services Company

Engineering company offers its services in repair and maintenance of process equipment and piping industries, as well as a set of measures for supervising construction and repair works, technical audit and design of repair shops.

Shipbuilding and ship repair

n the field of shipbuilding and ship repair, the main activity of the INTRA Service Company is the work with bolted connections. High requirements to the quality of assembly of hull components, calculated on the basis of the required reliability, require careful attention to the moment of tightening the bolts. In this area, INTRA SC offers rental services for a professional tool or performs work by its own specialists.

Recently, the mechanical processing of nodes and connections requiring strict binding to the geodetic coordinate system is becoming especially urgent. The equipment of the INTRA Service Company and the competence of the company's specialists allow the milling of surfaces with a diameter of up to 5 meters with processing accuracy up to 0.01 mm.

Types of works offered by INTRA Service Company in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair:

Carrying out of works on restoration of welded and riveted joints in the period of overhaul.
Machining Services
Bolting, maintenance of bolted connections
Composite repair
Equipment rent